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We are the leading sandblasting company operating within the highest standards on all projects.

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Quality Materials

QuickBlast Sandblasting identify's the best sandblasting techniques and understanding the project requirement, will ensure every detail is well captured and the team is well prepared with everything needed to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.
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Experienced Team

QuickBlast Sandblasting has over 7 + years of experience under our hard hats. We are one of the top sandblasting companies of choice for Marine and Construction Companies. Our company understands and delivers nothing less than expected.
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Unique Technologies

The equipment and machinery used in our Sandblasting process are one of the best in the industry. QuickBlast Sandblasting suppliers and contractors who design and build our equipment all adhere to the highest standards of quality.
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Our Story

QuickBlast Sandblasting is a young, vibrant mobile dustless sandblasting company with a creative core and background. Started as a soleproprieter and after successfully completing various projects, QuickBlast Sandblasting is now an incorporated company and formed in 2015. The company has undertaken a number of very exciting, high-quality projects on behalf of the government, private sector and private client

QuickBlast Sandblasting has identified a market for high-quality restoration and refurbishment. We work extra hard to be within our clients’ needs, budget and timeline. We have assembled a strong team with a wide range of experience to meet that goal today and every day. Checkout our Blog and FAQ and if you would like to know more than please Contact us

ECO Friendly

 QuickBlast Sandblasting is an Environmentally Friendly company and follows the practices and guidelines outlined by the CPCA


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Quickblast Sandblasting has become a highly successful and well-respected commercial dustless sandblasting company from its inception. We deliver success by operating within the highest standards and high-quality workmanship on our projects, whether simple or complex.
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Jake Sullivan

Site Foreman
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Angela Paredes

President and CEO
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Dan Halverson

Operations Manager

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Dustless Sandblasting defined
The blast media is coated in water and the surface tension increases the speed too enhancing the force of impact upon the surface being blasted. Water presence lubricates and eliminates hose and nozzle wear.

Blast media hits the surface, the water continues moving but still holding onto the blast media by surface tension. The water jacket its self also hits the surface and prevents any grit bounce.

Water jacket snaps around the blast media into the crack under the blast surface and hydrostatically blasts a larger amount of surface coating away. The end result is a profiled surface, feathered edges and the most efficient use of the least amount of blast media and water.
Our dustless sandblasting system can remove the toughest of coatings including bitumen from pipelines yet can be adjusted to clean fragile surfaces including glass, sandstone and critical weld fixtures. We can also remove floor tile adhesive all without damaging polythene enclosures.

From industrial coatings, rust, soot, fire damaged surfaces, flood-damaged surfaces, corrosion, paint and bitumen to permanent and temporary thermoplastic paint, temporary road marking tape, surface dressing emulsions, resin-based paints, anti-skid surfacing and graffiti.

It's more flexible and versatile at removing a wide range of coatings, corrosion and residues from an even wider range of surfaces including metal and non-ferrous metals, glass, stone, brick, wood, fibreglass, concrete and asphalt.
Dry blasting involves forcing blast media within the blast hose at high pressure. Large amounts of heat and friction are produced causing the blast media to explode on impact with the blasting surface, making it less effective and causing large clouds of abrasive dust to form in the atmosphere.

This dust makes visibility extremely poor and in some cases stops other works being carried out on site.

The heat and friction caused by this process can in some cases also warp metal blast surfaces. Our unique dustless sandblasting uses a combination of compressed air, water and media so only a fraction of the amount of media is required when compared to dry sandblasting.

The Blaster allows operatives to increase or decrease the amount of water, blast media or air which gives greater control and precision over the entire blast process.

The blast media is cushioned by water along with the blast hose meaning no heat, friction or dust are produced with this method and no warping of the sandblasted surface can occur.

The presence of water allows the blast media to travel at greater speeds within the hose which means the blast media has a greater effect on impact with the blasted surface.

The water micro-washes the blast media from the sandblasted surface leaving it contaminant-free ensuring the best possible bonding strength can be achieved with surface coatings. This, therefore, makes the Dustless Sandblasting System an extremely cost-effective and environmentally sound surface preparation method. This therefore, makes the Dustless
sandblasting system an extremely cost-effective and environmentally sound surface preparation method.